Blink Cameras Not Showing Live View [Fixed]


These days, if you are a property owner, you can monitor your property from anywhere thanks to these wireless cameras’ ease of remote monitoring. Blink Cameras are one of the best cameras if you want to monitor your property. However, like every other electronic hardware, they are not devoid of problems.

One error people face is Blink Cameras Not Showing Live View on the Home Screen. If you are someone who faces the same issue, then you are at the right place. If you face Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion: Solved [Easy Fixes] then you can read this guide as well.

In this article, we will analyze why does blink camera stops giving the live view. We will go through different reasons and their fixes. Following the guide, you will get that live view back on your Blink cameras.


How to Fix Blink Camera Not Showing Live Preview on Home Screen?


You can fix Blink Camera Not Showing Live Preview by rebooting the camera and switch, checking the organization, updating the Blink application, and leading processing plant resets.

The above-given fixes are the ones you can try to get real time feed of your blink camera back on. Let’s not waste any more time and see how to fix the issues.

Power Cycle Blink Camera

Power cycling the camera is one of the easiest and most efficient troubleshooting techniques for problems with Blink cameras not displaying a live feed.

This procedure helps in resetting the camera’s internal parameters and removes any momentary bugs. You may restart your Blink camera by following these steps:

  • Find the camera that is having a live view issue.
  • If your camera is powered by a power adapter, disconnect it from the power source or remove the batteries.
  • Make sure the camera is completely turned off by waiting for roughly 10 seconds.
  • Replace the batteries or reattach the camera’s power supply.
  • Hold off until the camera turns on again and connects.

The camera may restart and establish a new connection with the Sync Module and the Blink app by performing a power cycle.

Minor connection difficulties are often fixed by this approach, which also brings back the live view feature on the Home Screen of your Blink Camera. Check to see whether your Blink camera’s live view is operational after doing a power cycle.

If restarting the camera doesn’t fix the live preview issue, you may go on to further troubleshooting techniques to identify and solve the issue more thoroughly.

Check Network Status

A strong and dependable network connection is essential for the live view functionality on Blink cameras to operate properly. It’s critical to verify the health of your network if your Blink camera isn’t displaying a live view.

You may evaluate and troubleshoot your network connection using the following steps:

  • Ensure that a strong Wi-Fi connection is accessible to your Blink camera. Live view interruptions may be brought on by sporadic or weak transmissions.
  • See if any other devices linked to the same network are having problems. If numerous devices are experiencing connection issues, there may be a problem with your internet service or network setup.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on and operating normally. Make sure that all wires are firmly attached and that nothing is physically obstructing the transmission.
  • Verify that any recent adjustments you’ve made to your network settings—such as upgrading your router or altering security protocols—are compatible with Blink cameras.
  • To restore the network connection, restart your router. Simply unhook the router’s power cable, wait around 30 seconds, and then replug it. Before monitoring the live view on your Blink camera, give the network time to completely restart.

You may find out if any problems might impact your Blink camera’s live view functioning by checking and debugging your network connection.

Run a Speed Test

Your Blink cameras may experience live view streaming failure or buffering if your internet connection is sluggish. You may do a speed test to see whether the problem is related to the speed of your internet connection.

This is how you can run a speed test to fix Blink Camera Not Showing Live View Error:

  • Launch a web browser on a device linked to the same network as your Blink cameras.
  • Look for “internet speed test” and choose a trustworthy speed test website or speed test app.
  • To start the speed test, click the “Start” or “Begin Test” button.
  • The upload and download speeds of your network will be determined by the speed test, which is often expressed in megabits per second (Mbps).
  • Examine the findings when the test is finished, paying close attention to the upload and download speeds.

Examine the findings about the suggested internet bandwidth needs for Blink cameras. Blink advises a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 4 Mbps for best performance. Your speeds may be a contributing reason to the live view problem if they drastically fall below these criteria.

You may speak with your internet service provider to resolve the problem or look into possibilities to upgrade your internet plan for a better connection if the speed test shows slower-than-expected results.

Power Cycle the Router

Consider power cycling your network as a troubleshooting option if your Blink cameras aren’t displaying a live view. This procedure might fix any network connection difficulties when refreshing the router’s settings. Here is how to restart your router:

  • Find your router and the power wire that is attached to it.
  • Carefully disconnect the router’s power cord.
  • Make sure the router is turned off by waiting for around 30 seconds.
  • Disconnect any additional network connections, such as Ethernet cables, that are attached to the router while it is off.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the router when the pause has passed.
  • Permit the router to completely restart, which might take a few minutes.
  • Plug in any network wires that were previously disconnected, making sure they are done so securely.

Your Blink cameras may not be providing a live view due to brief network issues or conflicts that may be resolved by rebooting the router. Check whether your Blink cameras’ live view feature has been restored when the router has completely rebooted. If the problem still exists, you may go on to other troubleshooting procedures to help identify and fix the issue.

Update the Blink App

It’s significant to keep up with your Blink application refreshed for your cameras’ ideal exhibition and similarity. If your Blink cameras aren’t offering a live view, it merits verifying whether there have been any updates for the Squint application on your cell phone or tablet. The Blink application might get the accompanying updates:

Send off the application store on your cell phone. Utilize the Apple Application Store on the off chance that you have an iOS gadget or the Google Play Store assuming you have an Android cell phone.

  • Enter “Blink” into the application store’s hunt bar.
  • If an update is open, the Blink application will show an “Update” button close to it. Tap the “Update” button to start the refreshing system.
  • Watch out for the update’s download and establishment. This could require some investment relying on how quick your web association is.
  • At the point when the update is finished, send off the Blink application.

By refreshing the Blink application, you can ensure you get the latest bug fixes, updates, and similarity enhancements. These updates will deal with any issues that could be influencing your Squint cameras’ capacity to utilize live view. After refreshing the application, check that your Squint cameras’ live view is presently working appropriately.

Remove and Reinstall Blink App

The next step in troubleshooting is to uninstall and then reinstall the Blink app if upgrading the app does not fix the problem of Blink cameras not providing a live view. Any damaged settings or files that could be the root of the issue can be removed utilizing this approach. This is how to uninstall and then reinstall the Blink app:

  • Look for the Blink app icon on your smartphone.
  • When a menu displays, press and hold the app icon.
  • Locate and press on the program removal or uninstall option. As an alternative, you may access the settings on your smartphone, go to the programs or apps area, search for the Blink app, and then choose the uninstall option.
  • Verify that the program has been uninstalled, then wait until it is taken from your smartphone.
  • Visit the app store appropriate for your device’s operating system (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) once the program has been successfully removed.
  • Use the app store’s search box to look for “Blink”.
  • Look for and download the official Blink app on your device.
  • Open the Blink app that has just been installed and sign in using your Blink account information.
  • Verify that your Blink cameras’ live view is now operating correctly.

The Blink app may be fixed any software-related problems that were impeding the live view functioning by being uninstalled and then reinstalled.

Factory Reset Blink Camera

It may be necessary to do a factory reset on the camera itself if all previous troubleshooting measures have failed to fix the problem of Blink cameras not providing a live view. Please be aware that doing a factory reset will clear the camera of its settings and configurations, necessitating a fresh setup. Here’s how to restore your Blink camera to factory settings:

  • Track down the Blink camera that is having a live view issue.
  • Take out the camera’s batteries, or disconnect it from the power source if it’s powered by an adapter.
  • Check the bottom or back of the camera for a little reset button.
  • For about 10 seconds, push and hold the reset button with a paperclip or other similar object.
  • Replace the batteries or reconnect the camera’s power adapter while maintaining pressure on the reset button.
  • Hold the reset button down for an additional 10 seconds until the LED on the camera starts to Blink red.
  • After the camera has restarted, release the reset button.
  • Reset the camera using the Blink app and adhere to the prompts shown on the screen.
  • Check to see whether your Blink camera’s live view is now operational after finishing the setup.

A factory reset, which enables a new beginning and could restore the live view capabilities, might assist in resolving chronic difficulties with the camera’s settings and setup.

Factory Reset Sync Module

The Sync Module, which serves as the focal point for connecting the cameras to your network, may be a problem if you have many Blink cameras but none of them are displaying a live view.

In some circumstances, doing a factory reset on the Sync Module may assist with issue resolution. Here is how to go about it:

1. Locate the Sync Module that is linked to your network.

2. Check the bottom or rear of the Sync Module for a little reset button.

3. For roughly 20 seconds, push and hold the reset button using a paperclip or an equivalent instrument.

4. Hold the reset button down while you wait for the Sync Module’s LED lights to begin blinking.

5. After waiting for the Sync Module to resume, release the reset button.

6. You must set up your Blink cameras once again using the Blink app and adhere to the on-screen instructions when the Sync Module has resumed.

Any configuration difficulties that could have been impacting the communication between the cameras and the module are resolved by performing a factory reset on the Sync Module. Check to see whether your Blink cameras’ live view capability has been restored after finishing the reset and setup procedure.

Conclusion | Fix Blink Cameras Live Preview Not Working on Home Screen

It might be annoying and worrying when your Blink cameras aren’t providing a live view, particularly if you depend on them for security. However, you can often fix the blink camera not showing live view problem on home screen problem and get back access to the live view function by following the troubleshooting procedures described in this article.

Consider doing factory resets as required, updating or reinstalling the Blink app, checking network status, speed testing, power cycling the router, and power cycling the Blink camera. Consider contacting Blink’s customer service for more help if the issue continues.

Your Blink cameras may give you the security and peace of mind you need with a little perseverance and troubleshooting.

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