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V380s for PC – Free Download (Windows 10,8,7 & Mac)

V380s App for PC

Download V380s for PC: Are you afraid of leaving your house even when it is locked? Do you want to keep your house safe from thieves? Actually, we all are afraid of the same πŸ™ We can achieve this by leaving our extra pair of eyes at home i.e. cameras. So today, I am going to show you how you can do remote video monitoring using V380s app for PC even when you are away πŸ˜€ 

Yes! With V380s for PC/Laptop, we can keep an eye on who comes and goes to our house. We can even control the camera movement by downloading V380s on Windows or Mac PC. 


V380s for PC (Windows & Mac)

V380s for PC Download
V380s for PC Download

Technology has helped us feel secure about our things be it virtual or physical. One such innovation is camera apps like V380s that help to surveillance a specific site. 

V380s is an IPTV Android Application developed by macrovideo for remote video monitoring and management. 

With the V380s App downloaded in our PC, we can monitor the CCTV camera(real-time camera feed) using our PC by connecting it with WiFi.  

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Features of V380s App

There are many camera apps available online that we can download to monitor our CCTV cameras. But we use V380s on our PC because it has so many extra features that make it one of the best camera apps for PC. So let’s have a looks at its features:

  • Simple and easy to use interface. 
  • View and process real-time camera feed anytime and anywhere. 
  • Control the camera angle by rotating it. 
  • Use V380s App to monitor live audio. 
  • Supports site motion detection alarm. 
  • Support voice intercom and video calls
  • Save videos on cloud with this V380s for PC. 
  • Zoom in during live videos. 

There are many more functions that you can perform with the V380s app on PC. Sounds interesting? Lets now see how to download V380s on Windows and Mac PC. 

How to Download V380s for PC/Laptop (Windows & Mac) 

Now that we are done with the intro of the V380s app, we will now see How to Download V380s Camera App for Laptop/PC since there is no official app built for PC. 

Now downloading V380s in PC is not a big task. Just download an Android Emulator in PC and run V380s app in it πŸ˜› 

We will be learning to download V380s in Windows and Mac using Bluestacks and Nox Emulator. So lets see. 

Download V380s for PC (Windows & Mac) – BlueStacks Emulator

Now let’s have a look at the steps to download V380s in PC real quick.

Step 1. Download BlueStacks Android Emulator from the official site or by clicking here. Make sure you select the right Bit OS. 

Step 2. Run the setup and install BlueStacks in your PC. Now Run it as Administrator. Sign in with your Email to access Google Play Store. 

Step 3. Open Play Store and Search β€œV380s Apk for PC” and click on the first result. You can directly download the V380s APK file from the button below.

Download V380s App for PC

Step 4. Once the app is installed, connect the cameras using the instruction in the app. 

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Download V380s for PC (Windows & Mac) – Nox Emulator

Now we’ll see How to Download V380s in Windows or Mac Laptop using Nox Emulator because BlueStacks is found to eat too much RAM and hence system works slow

So let’s have a look at the steps real quick. 

Steps 1. Download Nox Emulator in your device from the official site in order to use V380s in PC. 

Step 2. Install Nox Emulator and Run as Administrator. Sign in with your Email to access Google Apps. 

Step 3. Open Play Store and Download V380 App from there. You can type V380s for Windows in search to get the result. 

Step 4. Voila! You are done. Just sync the cameras and you can start monitoring CCTV cameras from anywhere. 

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Details of V380s app for PC 


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Best V380s Alternatives

There are many remote surveillancing apps built by different purposes. There are many apps that do have some extra unique features that make them stand out among so many other apps.

So here is a list of best V380s app alternatives that you can use in your PC.

  • LiveYes for PC
  • gCMOB for PC
  • WPSApp for PC
  • WiseView for PC
  • CamHi for PC


So here at TechPhobos, we have tried our best to make a tutorial on How to Download V380s in Mac and Windows Laptop/PC. Feel free if you have any questions left.
If this solved your problems, please share it with your friends on your social channels πŸ˜›Β 
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  • I am unable to download v380s on my mac laptop. I tried the same method in my office desktop having windows 10 that worked. But unable to download it in my mac pc.

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