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How to Fix Tupperbox not working in 2023? {Complete Guide}

Is Tupperbox not working on your device? I, and a couple of other users are facing the same issue. And if you are looking for a fix, then you are at the right place.

Regular discord users use Tupperbox on a daily basis. Tupperbox is a tool that helps you create multiple fake accounts with different names as well as different avatars on Discord. These accounts can be used to chat with people. You can create and choose your own avatars with the help of their frameworks. Tupperbox has gained so many users because of its functionality. But lately, some users have faced Tupperbox not working issues on their devices.

Today, here at TechPhobos, we will share some tips using which you can fix your Tupperbox not working problem and get your multiple avatars back easily!!.

Note – Tupperbox has officially not announced any fixes from their side.


Why do you need Tupperbox?

Tupperbox is used by several communities, discord server owners as well as normal users to create a desired avatar and display name.

With the help of these tuppers, the users can send messages directly using these created avatars. Also, you can monitor those messages through a log channel. It’s a great tool for discord server owners.

Using Tupperbox you can create multiple accounts and switch between them easily. With the help of a single dashboard, you can manage your tuppers and bots without switching accounts.

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Why is Tupperbox not working properly?

As of now, there is no official statement from Tupperbox addressing the issue. The developers are still working to find the cause of this and its permanent fix. However, there are some things that cause tupperbox not working issue like the use of adblocker, not giving required permission, and a few more.

Methods to Fix Tupperbox not working

As stated earlier, Tupperbox officials have not released any fix from their side. We did some research and found a few methods that resolve the tupperbox not working problem. These methods however do not work all the time for everyone but you can try them and see if Tupperbox starts working again on Discord. I hope it does. 🙂

  1. Give Right Permission
  2. Disable Adblocker
  3. Use Google Chrome or Chromium Based Browser
  4. Reload Discord.

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1. Give the Right Permission to Tupperbox

Sometimes, the system blocks some necessary permissions required to run Tupperbox. Hence, try to check whether you have given all the permission which is required to work Tupperbox on your server. How do you check? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Type ?perms on your channel. Here you can see the list of permissions you have granted.

Step 2: If you have missed any just add those permissions.

Step 3. That’s it. Check if Tupperbox has started working again.

2. Disable Adblocker

Yes, sometimes Tupperbox may malfunction due to ad blocks. So you need to disable the ad block from your browser. Once done just reload Discord. Your Avatar might be back!!! 

3. Use Chromium Based Browsers

There are so many browsers available on the internet like Aloha for PC. But chromium based browsers have the best compatibility with tools like Tupperbox. Hence if you are using a browser that is not built on chromium, you may face Tupperbox not working issue. To fix this, shift to a chromium based browser like Google Chrome or Edge built on Chromium.

4. Reload Discord

Sometimes the issue can be resolved as simply as just refreshing the page. Sometimes, the page does not load properly and hence the tools does not work. This can be fixed by reloading the discord page using the refresh button or pressing F5 on keyboard.

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1. What’s the issue with Tupperbox not deleting my messages?

Check whether you have been given access to delete the messages and go through the permission list once. If it’s not yet solved then restart the client-hit. Hope your message disappeared now.

2. Why does Tupperbox not recognize Tupper with an emoji or space in the name?

 Always add quotation marks (“ ”) around the tupper names. So that you won’t get any issues.

3. How many Tuppers can a person have?

A person can have up to 500 tuppers. You can also increase it by subscribing to premium account wherein you can have up to 5000 tuppers.

4. Others can use my Tupper?

Nope, currently, there is no option named Tupper sharing 🙂

5. Is it possible for me to post a message on a different channel?

Only premium account holders can do so by starting proxy with {{#channel}}.

6. Error: Tupperbox is invited, but isn’t in any channels! How to fix it?

Make sure Tupperbox has access to whatever roles your server has – bots don’t have access to private channels. If it doesn’t work, make sure Tupperbox has a green check mark next to Read Messages in the channel’s settings.

Final Word

Hope you guys got your Avatars back, I mean your bots and tuppers 🙂 Congrats!! Explore it. If you still haven’t solved Tupperbox not working problem Visit the Discord Support Page and share your problem with the help channel. They will solve your problem easily. 

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