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How to Delete Unity Projects – (Solved)

How to Delete Unity Projects

In order to build 2-D or 3-D game projects, Unity is the go-to software. With the help of Unity Engine, Unity Editor can compose Initial API scripts.

Unity Engine supports various programming languages. Hence many people use Unity Engine. They also download different projects in Unity Engine. To free up the space, you need to delete some old unity projects.

Unity Engine

If you don’t know how to delete unity projects, don’t worry. We will help you out in deleting the Unity projects easily. Do follow our easy steps!!!

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4 steps to Delete Unity Projects 

With these 4 steps, you can delete unwanted projects easily!!! So let’s get started….

Step1:  Find the Unity Folder

Search for the unity project folder which is stored on your PC. Most of the time, it will be stored in the Hard-Drives. Also, you can search using the search bar easily.

Step2: Select Unity Projects

Now select the Unity Projects folder from the Unity Folder. Here you can find some files. You can delete the whole folder or delete it according to your requirement.

delete unity project

Step3: Try any one step from these

Delete Entire Folder:

If you no longer need to work on the unity projects, then delete the entire folder. Sounds crazy right? Yes, follow these steps to delete the entire folder:

Step1:  Right-click on the unity projects folder  

Step2: Select the delete option from the drop-down menu

Step3: Confirm the operation.

Delete Selected Files from the Folder:

If you still want to continue working with Unity Project, then only select files which you don’t need and acquire more space from your PC. Delete those files using the steps shown below.

Follow these 6 steps to delete a project from the folder:

Step1: Navigate towards Unity Project Folder

Step2: You can find three files named as shown below

  • Animate
  • Standard Assets Example Project
  • Re-Work Car

Step3: Now leave those last two files as it is, select only the Animate file.

Step4: Right Click the Animate file —-> drop-down menu will appear.

Step5: Select the Delete option and confirm the operation.

Now you can easily delete the projects. But I don’t think it will satisfy you. Still, Unity Hub is left. Isn’t it?

So, why are you waiting? Let’s get started with deleting Unity Hub!!

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Steps to Delete Unity Hub

Short tip: Before you delete Unity hub, first remove the shortcut from the device. Follow these steps to remove the unity hub shortcut:

Step1: Right Click on the Unity Hub shortcut.

Step2: Select Quit Unity Hub from the menu.

Step3: Confirm the operation to delete the shortcut.

Now, delete the Unity Hub from the Control Panel. Follow these steps to uninstall Unity Hub:

Step1: Right-Click on the Desktop, then select Control Panel from the menu.

Step2: Then navigate towards the program to uninstall the specific program.

Step3: Here, Select the Unity Hub 2.4.1 file.

Step4: Now right-click on the Unity Hub—> Uninstall option appears.

Step5:  Click on the Uninstall button and confirm the operation.

Finally!! You have uninstalled the Unity Hub completely…

Do you think it’s all done?

No, still there is something left!! Hope you know there is something called the Unity Learn Project. So let’s learn how to delete this learning project…

Firstly search for the learned project in the file explorer, as soon as it appears right click on the file and select the delete option and confirm the operation. Done!!!

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1. What do you mean by Unity and what are its features?

Unity is a powerful platform that helps to create 2-D or 3-D games and cross-platform development. Here you can build video games and simulations for desktop, mobile as well as on websites.

2. Can a beginner learn Unity?

Yes, it’s a great platform for beginners wherein you can create even small games as well.

3. Can we work on Unity easily?

You can find many learning videos and tutorials on the official Unity website: which helps you to learn and start working on unity very smoothly. 


I hope that after reading this blog, you know how to delete unity projects from your PC. If not, comment down and we will help you out personally. 🙂

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