What is a Blog? A beginner’s Guide

What is a blog.

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page where people can share their experience or information with the other readers on any topic, which can be either used for personal use or to fulfill business needs.

As the number of internet users is multiplying, the demand for information is also growing.

Earlier, people use to share information through personal networks, newsletters, or message boarding.

But now the time has changed, before making any significant decision, people like to gain more information to make an informed decision.

And that’s how blogs became so popular and in-demand source of information. Today if you ask someone for any information, they will share a blog link.

Now you have the information you needed just a click away. That’s the power of a blog; you no longer need to spend all your time searching for information.

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Now the next question is.

 What is the difference between a Blog and a Website?

Most people get confused between a blog and a website as they both serve to provide value to the user.

Let me explain this with an example.

ClickDo Blog Image

This is a website of ClickDo, one of London’s best digital marketing agency; as you can see, they have provided all the information about their services, contact info, case studies, and a separate section for blog.

Now when you click on the Blog section.

How to Create a Blog

You can see that they have provided informative blogs on various topics such as UK Business news, Step-By-Step Guide, Make Money Blogging, etc.

So Blog is that particular section of a website where information is shared frequently which can be accessed on browsers like Aloha; a blog can also act as a medium to engage more with your audience by allowing them to comment on your blog post.

If you have a business website, a blog can act as a tool to build brand awareness, educate your audience about your product & services, and helps you to build your network.

How can one blog change your life?


Now I will tell you something amazing that’s going to inspire you to create your blog.

A blog can help you to start your own business. That’s what happened to Fernando Raymond, who created a blog called

To share his thoughts and insights about digital marketing, he is now the CEO of ClickDo, an SEO and Online Marketing Agency, and  SeekaHost, a Global web hosting Company.


Now you know the importance of having a blog and why you can create one. Now you might be wondering how do I create a blog, so you don’t need to worry.

To help you get started with your blog, you can refer to this in-depth guide that explains what is a blog and how does it work to help you understand how to create blogs, how they work, what kinds of the blog are popular and how to make money making blogs.

So now you are ready to create your blog and create a life you desire.

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